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Signs Your Company Could use Additional HR Support

If your business is struggling, take a look at your human resources department. Ineffective HR policies can result in poor employee performance, high employee turnover rates, and lost profits. Hiring and keeping skilled, committed employees are must-haves for any business to succeed.

If the growth of your business has stalled or decreased, read on to see if your HR department could be the problem.

All Companies Need an Experienced HR Department

Many companies believe HR support is unnecessary if employee benefits are not offered. However, even companies that work with independent contractors or only hire part-time employees need an effective human resources team.

Additionally, providing a workplace environment where workers feel comfortable improves employee satisfaction and performance. Employees should feel safe and comfortable while working, whether they perform the work virtually or in person.

Attracting Skilled Workers for Your Business Made Easy

Conduct relevant recruiting efforts to ensure quality candidates apply

HR departments can help recruit top candidates for your company. Hiring candidates who are optimal for the position and providing them with adequate training are the best ways to ensure your business increases profits.

Provide Cost Effective Benefits that Attract Skilled Workers

An attractive compensation package is an important element to hiring skilled employees. HR departments can help assemble a benefits plan that is affordable for your company AND includes the benefits employees find most valuable.

Maintain Compliance to Avoid Costly Fines

Aside from traditional benefits, companies must also ensure they follow anti-discrimination laws, immigration and wage laws, and many other essential statues. The more your company grows, the more complex complying with state and federal laws becomes. The specifics of these elements differ depending on the industry and specific employee roles.

A professional Human Resources department will help businesses implement the appropriate policies and procedures for complying with labor and business laws. Spending a little money on HR supports now can save companies millions of dollars in fines later.

Your Employees Still Have Questions After Onboarding

Companies with an effective HR department will communicate all essential information to new hires. New employees should complete onboarding with a thorough understanding of their role, what they can expect, and what is expected of them.

After onboarding, if your new hires are more confused about their roles than when they were hired, there is a problem. These new employees can cost the company money as they seek clarification of issues that should be handled with a thorough onboarding process. They might perform the job ineffectively or inaccurately.

Your Company Doesn’t Have a Self-Service System

Even with an experienced Human Resources department, employees will have questions from time to time. While an HR department can answer these questions, implementing a self-service system can be less costly and time-consuming.

When employees can easily check important information, such as payroll schedules, vacation time, and company policies, there is no need for them to seek out a member of your HR team. This leaves your HR department more time to perform other tasks necessary for maintaining and growing your business.

What to Do If You Need Additional HR Support

A supportive human resources department can significantly impact your company’s productivity and growth. If your business is experiencing any of these signs, additional HR support could be the answer you are looking for.

The professionals at Impact HR can offer a creative approach to your human resources needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house professional. To find out what Impact HR can do for your business, call us today at (801) 592-5028.

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