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You CAN afford a complete HR team.

Our approach

In many small to medium-sized businesses, the HR department is viewed as a necessary disruption at best and an inept profit drain at worst. Impact HR Group disrupts that philosophy by creating an outsourced HR arrangement with your company. We become the head of HR within your business on a fractional, consultative basis. We overlay our focused expertise on top of what your business is already doing in regard to HR. 

Our engagements don't require a long-term contract! We partner with your business on a month-to-month basis and offer our expertise and strategic oversight at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, seasoned HR professional. Utilizing outsourced talent is quickly becoming a competitive advantage among growing and emerging companies. A simple conversation with us just might provide the solution you need to accelerate your company's internal HR momentum and give you an edge in this competitive economic environment.

How we can engage with your company
  • Outsourced HR Director/Coordinator/Advisor and Department

  • Existing HR Team Oversight and Support - Sounding board and idea generation

  • HR Team Mentoring - Ongoing guidance and support to your "accidental HR" assistant

  • Special Projects - Recruiting, Training, Surveys, etc

  • Vendor selection and/or evaluation for Payroll, PEO, HRIS, Benefits, 401K

  • Shape and lead the human capital strategy discussion

  • Develop an environment of trust and transparency in your business.

  • Find ways to leverage the changing and dynamic workforce and economy.

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